Diversity & Inclusion by Diana Fajardo

A Reality to Create Together

Human beings are sociable by nature, but can we really celebrate inclusion in the 21st century?

We can definitely say that we live in a diverse society, but not necessarily inclusive.  Our society is quick to discern differences, crossing the fine line classifying uniqueness, resulting in discrimination and segregation, which are antonyms for inclusivity.

Historically, we have created a path for patriarchal and hierarchical systems, and we are living with the consequences. We see the presence of those systems in politics, religion, education, economics and even cultural systems.

In order to say that we are inclusive we must reach the point where each individual is unique and their participation is welcomed, celebrated, and valued.

Diversity is the presence of variety where individuals differ from each other

We need to educate ourselves and the generations to come in the importance of creating inclusive spaces. Have you ever imagined living in a world where you are not afraid to be who you really are? A world where you don’t have to worry for being “unique”? What if I tell you it is possible, but it takes the effort and commitment of all or at least the majority.

We have been taught to see life from a single lens, but we realized that life has so many dimensions and expressions, that we need to see through the lenses of others to appreciate the richness of diversity.

Work, study or simply socialize in inclusive places, allow individuals to develop their full potential without having to bear the brunt of prejudice, hiding or justifying about who they are. It also enhance creativity and produces a feeling of harmony. I want to get there, don’t you?

Creating inclusive environments is everyone’s responsibility. I invite you to share my New Year’s resolution: what if we dare to change the perspective and dare to work and support the creation of inclusive places?

Historically, the creation of the systems that govern us have been in the hands of power groups, and on repeated occasions these groups are unaware of the true needs of the community. The idea of perfection does not exist in such diverse world; we know that our voice counts when choosing our leaders. Nevertheless, it is difficult for a single voice to represent so many, each of us can strive to contribute to the creation of inclusive environments, from our daily lives in our homes, schools and workplaces. No one is going to create a perfect world for us. We must work to create it.

No one is going to create the ideal world for us.  We must participate in its creation.

Diana Fajardo

PFLAG Omaha & OneWorld

Inclusivity Outreach Coordinator