“Coming Out – From my Experience”

The one thing I wish more people had told me: be comfortable with myself before coming out to others. It was hard to come out, but combine that with listening to friends and family you care about talking about how it’s wrong– those wrong and ridiculous attitudes made it even harder.

A person who says such things especially to someone who is struggling with something is not a person you want to be friends with , to be involved with, and they certainly aren’t really worth your time.

The most important thing when coming out- make sure you know what you’re comfortable with what you want. If not, you’ll throw yourself into a place where you are uncomfortable and uncertain, while also trying to deal with everyone else and their reaction. I wish I had done that before coming out.

“And some days I forget

what it is to be gentle with myself –

how to look at myself with kind eyes

and speak to myself with soft words.

Forget that I am my home

and a temple worthy of worship.” -Becca Lee