“Here comes the sun” by Kari

I first met Sherry 10 plus years ago at PFLAG Omaha.   Initially, I knew her as a PFLAG mom of twins- one gay/one straight.   Her story was such an inspiration to me: military wife and mom, conservative church attendee and then one day she learned one of her twins was gay. What was she to do?  Her sister told her about PFLAG, she came and stayed and said yes to LOVE and yes to her SON and her mind opened, and she grew and kept coming.  By the time I showed up and met her, she was a bold and brave PFLAG mom marching in parades and I got to be one of many who heard her story of hope.   I then became her friend.  I grew to love her and her family and extended family.  That’s how it can work sometimes in PFLAG- the people we meet can become our chosen family, first in our hearts, but then sometimes in real life. So for her birthday- we both were born on July 16th- I wrote her this poem.  I share my love of her here with you all.  Really, it’s ultimately a story of PFLAG love,  for it all started here. 


“here comes the sun”

i woke up and sang this song

thinking of YOU



beautiful you.

you’ve carried us through…

for so many of us Sherry, in so many ways,

this is true


thank you

for being YOU

beautiful you


it is your smile

it is your heart

it is your laughter and kindness and caring

it is your thoughtfulness

it is your soul


it’s you Sherry

beacon of light and love,



when called on to be brave, courageous, dedicated- you say yes

when called on to grow, change, rise UP- you say yes

when called on to persevere, to stay the course, to not stop- you say yes.

and from the bottom of my heart, with abundant gratitude, I thank you.


(and in a quiet whisper I say, in my darkest days I think of you -cheering myself on with-” if she can do it. I can do it too”)


The world is lucky to have the gift of you. I am lucky to have you. Have a magnificent day, friend.

a beautiful day, for beautiful you.


I love you birthday twin.



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