“It is with PRIDE…” by Julie

It is with PRIDE I stand beside and support my daughter who used to be known to me as my son, who had more courage than I could ever have, to be true to herself and show the World her true colors and who she was born to be

It is with PRIDE I watch her blossom and grow into herself.

It is with PRIDE I see her join a community she only secretly wished she could be a part of

It is with PRIDE I ache knowing her suffering and hiding is over and she is living her true life

It is with PRIDE we talk about makeup application techniques, bra sizes and feminine strength,

It is with PRIDE when we are out together, I carefully listen to public transactions ready to defend my daughter from the lessers of the world,

It is with PRIDE we attend the parade waving our rainbow and transgender flags

It is with PRIDE I will stand beside her and support her when she finds a life partner

It is with great PRIDE I do my very best to be the parent she deserves!

By Julie 

Proud Mother of Eve